Busy Sunday.

Decided it is time to make some major changes, children have left home,a new life beckons.  Its always a good idea to start by moving some large pieces of furniture.   Two days ago a parcel arrived containing a jack and some small plastic supports. These inexpensive items proved to be a very wise buy.  The furniture in question was two wardrobes, one was on the wrong wall, the other in the wrong room.   I find that to achieve a desired goal one must have a detailed plan.  Bullet points can be very useful.

1. Move small extraneous objects;  chest expanders, assorted bags, a signed cricket bat, a bag full of wires with plugs attached, completely out of the room.

2.  Decide the exact spot which will be the new home of the smaller wardrobe.

3.  Find two men to do the actual work.  Husband and son are the first choice.

4.  Place the jack and put the sliders under each corner  of the object.

5.  Move the chosen piece of furniture into the designated space.

6.  Go through the same procedure with the second item.

You see meticulous planning is the secret of success, if I may boast that was my role.  In addition two willing helpers.  I may put an advert in the local shop, “Planner  Available”.