I am a very disillusioned voter, as far as I can see democracy is not working. Democracy is not a natural development nor even a normal state of affairs. It took us in Britain nearly 900 years to reach one man and one woman one vote. It was 1928 before women got the vote at the same age as men. In historical terms that is yesterday. Men and women struggled, fought and died in order that the majority should have some say in how the country in which they lived, worked and died, in how it was governed. In the beginning votes were bought and sold in order that a tiny elite could continue to hold all the power in their hands. I don’t think that votes are still bought and sold but today David Cameron came very close to offering a bribe by reducing taxation for the poorest workers and a much bigger reduction for much better paid workers. There is absolutely no doubt we are still governed by a tiny elite, for goodness sake they all went to the same school, Eton, the most expensive school in the land.
Since 1979 the ruling elite has step by step removed accountability, from the banks, from the large multi-national corporations and allowed the media barons to focus our attention on celebrity life styles and the supposed wastefulness of those most vulnerable in society.
Owen Jones, in his book, “The Establishment- And How They Get Away with It.” Encapsulates our current madness:

” The status quo may be treated as common sense now, but future generations will surely look back with a mixture of astonishment and contempt at how British society is currently organised: the richest 1,000 individuals worth £520 billion, while hundreds of thousands of people have to queue to eat in food banks; a thriving financial elite that helped plunge Britain into a vortex of economic collapse, which was rescued by over £1 trillion of public money but continues to operate much as before; a reigning dogma that treats the state as an obstacle to be eradicated and shunned, even as the state serves as the backbone for private interests; a corporate elites, dependent as it is on state largesse, that refuse to contribute money to the state; a media that does not exist to inform, educate, as well as challenge all those with power, but which serves as a platform for the ambitions, prejudices and naked self interest of a small number of wealthy moguls. More startling to our descendants will be how this was passed off as normal, as entirely rational and defensible, and how institutions run by the elite attempted, with considerable success, to redirect people’s anger to those at the bottom of society.”