A successful history of—and the threat to—Public Education in the United States

A successful history of—and the threat to—Public Education in the United States.


Sociology Paradox: Winning is Losing

This madness is so well put it almost makes sense. Lets give a certificate to everyone even when we have no idea if they have followed the course. Curiouser and curiouser.


Oh we kid the MOOCs around here, what with their non-research based, pedagogically unsound, sociologically ignorant form and function. But, Udacity’s tacit acknowledgement today that credentials have to be descriptive to have utility is a hollow victory.

Oh, sure, I will still have a vodka martini at news that one of the largest MOOCs will no longer offer free no-identification credentialing. How can I not? The hype was that MOOCs would overturn a hundred years of social science with a modem and a functionalist dream. MOOCs were to end race, class, and gender bias in credentialing! It would be like the Civil Rights Movement and Feminist movements and union movements had always had it wrong. Surely, sociologists — who have studied credentialing for about 70 years now — would be wrong. And then today, from Udacity’s website:

We have now heard from many students and employers alike that they would like…

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