I have a vote, I believe in democracy so i will use it.  In fact I used it today.  I placed the number against my first, second, third and fourth choices.  I have voted for the same Party all my adult life.  I think my views have changed very little, its the Party that changed.  Expressions in common usage, moved to the centre, become the light blue Party, accepted Free Market Capitalism, with the emphasis on the FREE!

To the huge surprise of the would- be candidates, professionals to their finger-tips every- one, the oldest candidate, Jeremy Corbin has aroused great enthusiasm in every town and village that he has travelled to.  A certain ex-Prime-Minister, whose name I wish to forget, has pronounced it will be disaster for the Labour Party.  His words had the effect of creating another surge in support for JC.  Of course I have no crystal ball, I was totally dumbfounded at the result of the 2010 Election.  It may be that there will be a parting of the ways, those who can focus on the kind of society that they would like to work towards and the others who, think believe there is only one way to run an economy.

Things can get better, its hard, there is no yellow brick road but there is hope.  The first thing to tackle is the corporate control of the MEDIA.  Once more into the breach dear friends.


4 thoughts on “WHO’S GOING TO WIN?

  1. Well said! I like Jeremy, he’s a die hard old socialist who means what he says and doesn’t people please. My friend voted for him, how sad that the tories are voting for him as they think he will make Labour unelectable. Dirty little games!xxx

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