The Logic of Stupid Poor People

Source: The Logic of Stupid Poor People


3 thoughts on “The Logic of Stupid Poor People

  1. I come originally from a poor immigrant family in Christchurch – took me a long time to understand. I thought it was just being from a working class background. No, my Swedish descended family couldn’t hack it amongst the more English than the English in Christchurch. I have learned to understand my status. Then I had the audacity to marry into a Maori family. I have a feeling for how non-white families struggle in other society. So I know why I was always a rebel with or without a cause.

    1. I’m afraid we English have a very poor record of treating every human being as equal. And yet we tell ourselves that we are civilised, not the view that the countries like India and Africa have of us. Some families got exceedingly rich from the slave trade and many still live in the palaces they built then. We read little of the more egalitarian societies of Sweden, Norway, Finland and the Netherlands, we might get the idea that such things are possible and indeed benefit everyone.

  2. Thank you for your comment. I am from a poor white family, English as far back as I can trace. I was very concerned to learn to speak properly and dress appropriately. I also had a horror of getting into debt, so no expensive handbag. Have you written your story? I would very much like to read it, I’m sure I would learn a lot from it.

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