I was tempted to write ‘Horrible Histories’ but I think that’s been franchised by someone else.  I’m a fan of television the pictures are so beautiful it seems as if the whole world is brought into my living room.  Some of the words are incredibly tedious and boring.  Other words shine like the stars in the sky.  Yesterday I watched, The Face Of Britain, by Simon Schama.  The painful pictures came right at the beginning, young men’s faces torn apart by the weapons of war, the First World War.  The photographs were taken by a, man who trained as a doctor and they were used by the surgeon who rebuilt those shattered faces so that those young men could get on with the rest of their lives.  I had expected the programme to be about pictures of the great and the good or Very Important People, instead it was about extra-ordinary people like the injured soldiers and then moved onto ordinary people, people like you and me.  The painters mentioned were William Hogarth, Ford Maddox Brown and two Indian twins who paint in the Indian style.  Schama was passionate about all these pictures and called them beautiful.


4 thoughts on “HORRIFYING HISTORY.

  1. Uncle Fred was with the Red Cross during WW1. He was gassed twice but went back for more! He taught me how to make a human chair for a wounded soldier. At the age of eight I was most surprised to see that it only took two people to lift a wounded man back to a place of shelter.

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