Dear diary,

I have some good news to report, last Thursday I went out for a walk.  I know not a big event in most people’s calendar but for me something like coming first in a 5K race.  The sun was shining, the sky was blue and I stepped out on my own two feet.  The question of timing was important, the bus only comes once an hour how long would it take me to get to the bus-stop?  With husband beside me we calculated the minutes, as we approached the end of the path we saw the bus making its way to the terminus.  Hurray we would be at the bus-stop when it returned.  Success!  We went to the local shopping centre to buy some light bulbs and a chemical to remove the traces of mould on the sealant  in the shower.  Not the most exciting shopping expedition, but hey I was out.  We timed the return to within three minutes.  Definitely a positive, a step forward you might say.










  1. Good on you. What did you think about the All Blacks winning back to back Rugby World Cups? Skipper richie McCaw has now retired and will become a helicopter pilot. Legendary winger Jonah Lomu died during the last week. Latest news is he may have got a blood clot with that long flight back to NZ. He had a kidney transplant 7 yrs ago. See you later.

  2. I think its wonderful the All Blacks won the Rugby World Cup AGAIN. There was much on the BBC radio about Jonah Loma he was very highly regarded as a player and as a man. Luck plays a big part in our health. I’m pretty lucky, hope you are too.

  3. I was very pleased with myself ! I am well aware I’m a very lucky woman, I was born at the right time in the right place, sadly the next generation may not be so lucky.

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