It seems like just a few weeks ago it was January 2014 and very soon it will be January 2016.  Isn’t that mysterious?  I know perfectly well, if not scientifically, that time proceeds at different speeds during the 24 hour cycle.  In the morning young time gallops along so that I must be dressed and about my daily chores with scarcely time to catch my breathe for five minutes.  At two o’clock in the still dark morning time stands still and my mind whizzes around like an overwound machine.

Today’s task included putting up curtains in what is now the spare room.  Once upon a time it was a bedroom, now it appears to collect stray objects which have no proper home; a lap-top, an old radio, books and pictures that my son has no place for in his home.  Some difficult questions; how long do the curtains have to be, how wide?  Basic measuring questions a seven year old could sort out.  I resorted to holding them up against the window.

Then the really tricky bit, how do you get that long straight piece of tape bunched up so that its even all the way along. You domestic goddesses will have accomplished the task easy, peasy.  I grabbed the ends of the thread and pulled as hard as I could.  The curtain became rucked up very tightly for three inches, the rest was perfectly flat.  With sweaty fingers I eased out the folds and then started again at the other end.

Of cause at my height there was no way  I could fix each hook into the curtain rail, himself agreed to help and had no problem in reaching the rail with the now rather distressed curtain.  Amazingly the curtain is now up and himself is now breathing again.  You may have noticed I mention curtain in the singular, its partner will have to wait until we have recouped our strength.  And I haven’t even taken the Christmas decorations out of the cupboard!












  1. I am smiling away here, your account of time is similar to mine….and a curse on all curtains, I always think it’s an accident waiting to happen trying to hang the darn things! Good luck getting the other one up!xxx

  2. I love to see beautifully hung curtains, they seem to indicate warmth and security. A lovely window with luxurious draped curtains, very elegant and high class. The other curtain is up, the room feels less naked now.

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