Dear diary

Dear diary what a dreadful morning I’ve had.  You remember the difficulties of the curtain well first thing this morning himself put up the second curtain, really in no time at all.  I mentioned it looked a little creased, not a problem came the reply, gravity will soon pull the creases out.  I may seem to be making an awful fuss about windows and curtains, this house was built in the 1960s and the fashion at the time was very large windows.  By sheer good luck the house is facing almost due south so when the sun is up it shines straight into the front of the house and warms up the living room and the bedroom.  With every positive there is always a negative, on a cold day the heat flows out through said windows, so curtains are a must.  As previously mentioned that part of the morning went well.

   The disaster  came later.  I went to my desk to check my emails and delete the unwanted offers of a Russian bride.  A little later I opened the door to be greeted by water sloshing about all over the floor in the utility room.  This is the business part of the house containing the washing machine and the dryer plus the cat’s feeding tray and litter tray.  husband is responsible for looking after his cat.  I mentioned that the room looked a mess.  I suggested cleaning up.

The curious thing about water it is amazingly easy to pour, into a cup or in this case over the whole floor.  The reverse action of collecting up the flowing liquid is extremely laborious.  Husband had the idea of mopping up the deluge with paper towels, I, in my role of CEO of Household Management, explained that this would be an extremely time consuming business.  Better to get the  mop out of the cupboard and attempt to absorb the water.  This I did until only puddles were left, then I got the steam mop  and instructed him in its use.  Finally a small heater was brought in to dry up the last remaining moisture.

    My husband is an intelligent man, ask him any question about political activities and the changes over the last two hundred years just don’t ask him to mop the floor .



2 thoughts on “Dear diary

  1. Hahahaha….my hubs is exactly the same. Funnily enough we had a major flood with our washing machine, hubs eventually disconnected it, I told him to turn the water off…but…no, he didn’t. The next minute he was running around with a pipe gushing water, and the whole kitchen, me and the dogs were drenched! His life was in danger at that moment!
    Loved the Russian bride comment….hysterical!xxx

  2. Thank you so much. I was pretty shocked as I’m sure you were when you saw the water gushing out. Men!!! I’m so glad I made you laugh. My email address seems to be passed around indiscriminately.

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