Yesterday  I watched an inspiring programme about the ballet dancer Carlos Acosta.  The height of his leaps and the athleticism is wonderful to behold.  He grew up in a poor family in Cuba, to keep him out of trouble with gangs his father insisted he went to ballet lessons.  His amazing ability was obvious from a very early age, he was discovered by a dedicated teacher.  A real life Billy Elliot.  Two things are necessary for  success talent and the determination to work hard.  Carlos Acosta had plenty of both; for some years he has been the Principal dancer at The Royal Ballet School, now he is coming to the end of his performing career.  The strength and grace he expresses with his whole body is thrilling to see, the human body at its absolute peak. 

 I also watched some of a programme about Contemporary Ballet; no costumes, no lights, no scenery NO FUN!


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