The word ideology is viewed with a degree of suspicion your first thought is probably that’s communism or Marxism some scary idea that the state controls everything: the jobs we do and what we are paid, newspapers, television, radio even the books we read.  But ideology is defined much more neutrally in the Oxford English dictionary:

” a system of ideas and ideals, especially one which forms the basis of economic or political theory and policy.  A set of beliefs characteristic of a social group: a critique of bourgeois ideology. —-”

As we see today right-wing ideology can be just as rigid and ruthless as any left wing view.  There is a simplicity about our ruling elite, those Bullingdon Oxbridge pals, any institution which has the word public attached to it; the education system, public health care aka the NHS, public housing ( council or housing association), standards of health and safety, a public railway system and many more. These must by definition be wasteful and inefficient and worst of all none of our friends is making a profit out of them.  And what do you known ever increasing percentage of the population is retired and many need Adult Social Health Care,( don’t tell them we are making huge cut backs and when they need someone to help them get dressed and have a hot meal, a carer will rush in for ten minutes)

What is needed is PRIVATISATION, OF COURSE WE WILL STILL USE TAX-PAYER’S MONEY  BUT SOME OF OUR FRIENDS WILL MAKE A BIG FAT PROFIT.  They will be consultants, and directors of health care companies, governors of schools and trade unions will be abolished.  What a great idea!  Of course some people will suffer, ordinary working people, families who can’t find a permanent home, people who have no jobs or a zero hours contract.  But most of them don’t vote so we will be sitting pretty for another five years.


2 thoughts on “IDEOLOGY

  1. Thanks snowbird. There was a period when things were becoming fairer and more equal. Now things are moving in the opposite direction faster than a speeding bullet.

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