” I am a Bear of Very Little Brain and long words Bother me. “

An extremely intelligent man appeared in my living room last night, sadly not in the flesh but on the screen of the television, he conveyed enthusiasm and excitement about how your brain and my brain actually works.  The question he asked is what makes me, me?  The word consciousness cropped up and Freud cropped up and Freud’s discovery of the unconscious and the technique of  psychoanalysis. Sorry I can’t explain but something new has been discovered about how the brain works.  One thing I do remember, those parents and music teachers who insisted you practise every day were absolutely right.  Regular practise of a foreign language, riding a bike, knitting whatever you’re interested in actually changes the way the brain works, it goes onto auto-pilot. Professor David Eagleman showed us a small boy moving around dozens of plastic mugs.  the child could do this with amazing speed.  The boy made up his mind to practise every day, it was hard for my eyes to follow the speed at which he did this.

In the programme Eagleton had a brilliant mix of visual explanations and verbal clarity at explaining what was going on.  If I understood correctly the idea that specific parts of the brain were involved in actions like seeing is not in fact true.  The brain impulses occur in many different areas and make sense of what we are actually looking at.  Forgive the non scientific language , my science education is very minimal.  At my advanced age I’m happy to say I’m still learning new things.  It sometimes crosses my mind, how did I get to be in my seventies and know so little,  perhaps Pooh bear would have the answer.


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