Information washes like the tide into my house, newspapers, radio, television and the internet.  Unlike the tide it never recedes.  Every two weeks a unwieldy bundle is collected from several tables, armchairs and bedside table and dumped into a recycling bin.  Much of this information is depressing, the misinformation is less depressing that being its sole purpose.  Economics has been called the dismal science, I beg to differ, politics is the dismal science, so many big questions to answer and such complete feebleness in even understanding the questions.  A simplistic ideology dominates the thinking of the ruling class FREE MARKET CAPITALISM.  Much has been said and written of the misunderstandings and stupidity of left wing ideology but Free Market Capitalism is in a class of its own.  Such a narrow warped view is propagated, ‘only the bottom line matters-profit’.  Historically there was a time when conditions at work were dangerous, machinery was unguarded and children worked 12 hours a day in factories and mines, this was the early nineteenth century in the UK.

The word which is very much in vogue in February 2016 is AUSTERITY, this word explains the governments reason for doing anything and everything.  To quote from Kerry-anne Mendoza:

“Austerity is not a short term disruption to balance the books.  It is the demolition of the welfare state transferring the UK from social democracy to corporate power.——

Austerity has been presented as necessary, constructive and temporary by governments across the world, the UK included.  By the end of this book, it will be clear to the reader that Austerity in unnecessary, destructive and intended as a permanent break with the traditions of social democracy.”

The title of her book is : AUSTERITY, The Demolition of the Welfare State and the Rise of the ZOMBIE ECONOMY.


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