Breakfast time this morning, the house is warm, take the milk out of the fridge, pull the curtains back.  The day has already started, time to switch on the radio.  A church service is still in progress, a reminder of the hymns I once used to sing and a blessing I feel very much in need of.  As I grow old the bones stiffen, the muscles grow slack and life narrows down.  One pleasure which I still enjoy the sound of the human voice, especially when that voice belongs to an extremely witty speaker with a dry humorous tone.  A Point of View, the speaker this morning Adam Gopnik speaking from the other side of the Atlantic, in his warm mellifluous voice he is speaking just to me.  The talk is about prizes, how they are awarded and the desire we all have for praise and to be recognised as someone special (me).  There was an undercurrent of satire, in his self deprecating way Gopnik mentioned a prize he was awarded by the French government, ( I forget the official title).

    Myself I have not won any prizes, ( I still have hopes)  if you exclude my handsome husband and a happy marriage that has lasted 49 years and seven months.  Gopnik’s talk made me smile and start the day with a happy feeling, my award I think!


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