In some circles watching television is regarded as utterly trivial and a complete waste of time.  It is true there are endless repeats and countless channels running ceaselessly twenty-four hours a day.  I can remember when there were just two channels but actually I wouldn’t want to go back to those days.  Now although the Open University is no longer broadcast, I can briefly tune in to the most amazing broadcasts from the most skilled university professors using a dazzling array of film and experiments.

    The most exciting series I have been watching is ‘ The Brain ‘ by Professor David Eagleman made by PBS with the help of the BBC.  My education in science stopped many decades ago but my interest in human beings and the world we all live in still continues.  The Professor it has to be said is a brilliant teacher.  He made me think I understood the information about neurones and synaptic connections.

Television brings the best of culture into my home.



One thought on “TELEVISION!

  1. I too am fascinated by humans, especially the brain, apparently we only use a tiny fragment of it….now what could we achieve if we used all of it???? I shall go take a look now. Thanks for

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