We live in a restless age, the roads are packed with cars, coaches and buses.  The railways into the big cities can barely accommodate the number of people who have to get in and out every day; aeroplanes are getting more jumbo with each year that passes, canals are still peaceful (but thats another story).  I have discovered a way of travelling which minimises;  the long periods of waiting, the strange food, the aching legs and the desire to have a long undisturbed sleep.  It is made up of two separate technologies, an HD Smart television set with all the latest wide range of programmes and a comfortable chair in a warm room.  I will admit it is not the same as actually being in Washington, or Delhi or Beijing.  The personal connection with the people, the smells, the variety of sights and sounds are missing.  On the other hand I get the panoramic shots from the air of the city or the countryside spread out in great detail and the well researched explanations of life as it is lived in another place so wondrously strange and exotic.  In the railway programmes a vivid description of how this form of technology also changed the towns and the countryside through which it passed.  So different experiences with pluses and minuses on both sides.

I live close to a railway line now and there has always been a railway line with in sight where ever I have lived.  But I was born in the land that formed the cradle of the steam engine.  Coal was every where in deep mines and on the surface, coal and steam engines have a long and close relationship.  The Flying Scotsman passed by my house, I have to confess I missed it, I can’t be staring out of the window all day long, I’ve meals to make and dishes to wash.  Maybe my newly discovered magic armchair will be my best travelling companion.



2 thoughts on “PLANET EARTH.

  1. A lovely post, I did enjoy it! Oh yes, there are many pro’s to watching fascinating travel programmes, you certainly get to see more and never get bitten by a mozzie!xxx

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