I have to confess I like men, not as a general group, more particular individuals.  I’ve just watched Grayson Perry’s series on Masculinity, he had some very stimulating and interesting observations on what it is to be a man in the twenty-first century.  Many things have changed during my lifetime, the jobs which required physical strength and facing danger on a daily basis like mining and working in the steel works have  disappeared from this country. (They still exist in the developing world )

     Men and women including transgender people, we all of us live in a world changing at  bewildering speed.  This can be a better world giving us all more choice; a woman can be a surgeon, principal of a college, a CEO (still too few are) and a Prime Minister; a man can be a carer, a house-husband, a psychologist, a nurse and a Prime Minister.  Gender is the least important part of an individual, what matters more is intelligence, determination, the ability to master complex tasks.  It seems to have gone unnoticed that today the majority of people training to be doctors are young women.  I think the idea that women’s brains are  smaller and less able has finally been chucked out with the rubbish.  Women had to organise and come together to claim a right to education, the ability to vote and decide on how many children to have.  Now men have to adapt, to choose, to have a more varied way of living, as Grayson Perry pointed out it could lead to more masculine self esteem and more enjoyment of life.


3 thoughts on “MEN!

  1. Funnily enough, I watched that programme while in the Lakes….just Loved your take on it, and your experience and history!!! Your posts are always spot on, you know how to get to the heart of

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