This morning there was a lot of rushing around, why I wondered.  My mistress cried

” Where’s my tea?”  The master of the house (well he thinks he is ), informed my mistress that the electric kettle was refusing to boil, the red light was on but nothing was happening.  He boiled the water in a pan and a pot of tea was made.  A consultation was held on the settee (I was leaning on the arm), it was decided that the first thing to do was to get a new electric kettle.  That’s when the rushing started, no listening to the radio, get dressed now.  She left me there and hurried upstairs, I knew I would be going out with her, she never leaves me behind.

    The time passed quickly, it always does on a morning, soon it was time for putting on coats and hats.  My mistress picked up her bag and then me, she relies on my support.  I helped her out of the front door and was by her side when she walked to the bus stop.  She leaned on me until the bus came.  The journey was soon over and we arrived at the shopping centre.  My mistress and her husband decided to go to Lakeland, a rather upmarket shop, close to the bus-stop .  The kettles looked  rather pricey to me and my mistress looked carefully at all the prices and picked one, a mid range price and they discussed its merits.  It was black and silver, I’m mostly silver and very very strong I don’t know if money changed hands but I know how important I am.

   Back to the bus stop, there were three buses before the right one came.  The driver lowered the platform and I helped my mistress to climb up.  She was very glad to be going home.  When we got in, she hooked me over the banister. I felt quite glad to rest in my usual place .  I’m very glad to be here to help.


6 thoughts on “THE TALE OF A STICK.

  1. I am glad to see those lovely shinny sticks coming back these days. Uncle Fred made one for me when I was only six! Then I could walk with grandma and Uncle Fred on Sundays!

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