This  is a very visual age, many of us carry a mobile phone with us everywhere.  We can not only speak to our friends, look at our emails and of course take selfies which we later share on social media.  We are overwhelmed by images of physical beauty  of impossibly beautiful girls; Beyonce, Angelina Jolie and Catherine Zeta-Jones.  You and I are fascinated by images of perfection, ever since the Renaissance pictures and statues of perfect forms both male and female are presented to us.  It is part of our human nature to admire, to be stirred to feelings of love by perfection in the human form. We follow the careers of our heroes and heroines with dedication.

    Yesterday I watched a programme about the actor Marlon Brando, whom I first watched many years ago.  I was struck by his physical beauty, handsome is not the  word, the right word is beauty. When writing about a male actor, critics prefer to concentrate on his acting skills.  Brando was one of the foremost actors of his generation, an actor who changed the mould for film actors.  He was applauded as an enormously skilful actor, an actor with charisma, his beauty was not singled out.  Beautiful actresses like Marilyn Monroe were only talked about in terms of their physical allure, yet I think Marilyn created herself both as a beautiful woman and as an actress.  She had comedic and dramatic talent directors thought it was all natural.  No, she acted the part the directors wanted to see and she did it so well they assumed it was natural.  Beauty has an overwhelming effect on those who see it, in its living, breathing,vibrant form.  Many television actors are very good looking especially the young cast of Neighbours, one in particular stands out for me and that is Travis Burns.  I’m sure he will have a long and very successful career.  Who is your choice?


4 thoughts on “BEAUTY.

  1. Marvelous post!!! Yes, we are all drawn to beauty, sadly these days many forget to look beneath, handsome is as handsome does. My choice….always has to be the young Robert

  2. Many thanks. I’m surprised that at my advanced age the sight of a handsome man can cause a lift in spirits. Someone like Gregory Peck or Tyrone Power. Of course you’re right it is only the surface, the character is very important. Keep flying

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