I feel honoured, I watched and listened to a brilliant life-enhancing lecture by Professor David Eagleman on the brain.  I didn’t have to travel by road or rail or aeroplane, I simply switched on the television set in my living room.  Would it have been exciting to be in the same room as the young and energetic Professor, you’d better believe it.  But to see him at a distance, hear his clear explanations and follow the lecture was thrilling.  I speak as a non-scientist, he lead me very gently to a better understanding of how the brain works independently of our conscious thinking.


Isn’t it wonderful I don’t have to go to Oxford, Yale, Harvard or Houston, I can invite the greatest minds into my living room, I don’t even have to worry if the place is neat and tidy.  I think the programmes were made for Public Service Broadcasting in the USA and then shown on the BBC in Britain.  Eagleman explained how much we all need each other, we are above everything social animals. I was cheered up, the news is so full of the dreadful things we continue to do to each other but it really doesn’t have to be this way. 



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