Time is a very strange thing, contrary to scientific thinking it does not pass in the same regular fashion.  In the early hours of the morning the minutes pass so slowly they seem like hours, time almost seems to stop.  Yet round about breakfast time, say eight o’clock, the hours speed up and suddenly its noon and half my morning jobs; stacking the dish-washer, making the bed, throwing the laundry into the machine are still not more than half done.  If I sit for a moment with a cup of coffee I think of the years that have raced away and suddenly I’m a Pensioner, how did it happen?

Now you and I know pensioners are frail, decrepit people, who can’t take a selfie, don’t understand that emails and texts are absolutely the first thing you must look at every morning and keep on looking at every few minutes in case something should happen to someone in your class.  Pensioners don’t understand the internet, for goodness sake they still post letters with a stamp on.  They can’t stand up straight, their knees are wobbly, their hips have to be replaced by bits of metal and they have horrible dried wrinkly skin.  Some of this is very close to home but I’m not going to tell you which.  On the other hand I can still walk and talk, not exactly ‘a living doll’, no someone who is shocked at the mess we are making for our children and grandchildren.  We didn’t understand that personal satisfaction is not the whole of life and society does actually form an important part of all our lives.  The changes in everyday life arrive with astonishing speed, many adding to our enjoyment but uncontrollable greed democracies have still not learned to deal with.


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