This is a series of three programmes focusing on the natural life of North and South islands and the many small islands which are dotted all around the main land mass.  The photography is absolutely breath-taking and the narration tells the story of the formation of the land and the creatures and the human beings who so recently came to live there.  I can hardly find words to describe the beauty and enormous skill of the photographers and producers of these amazing films.  The films are on BBC iPlayer and show us what a beautiful  and amazing planet we live on.  The camera tells the story of our planet in visual images, it is also helpful to have the words to tell the story of how are planet has changed and continues to change.

   So much teaching in schools: in geology, geography, history , social sciences and languages could be stimulated and made understandable to all children.  This kind of filming is comparable to the invention of the printing press and the enormous changes brought about by the availability of books.  The dawn of a new age in schools.

Here’s a link to the programmes: write



  1. I used to think of it as similar to Scotland, I think the location makes it a country of extremes. Closer to the Antarctic! What are we doing to our planet?xxx

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