I’m astonished by the beauty and mystery  of these islands.  Technology has a vivid and precise way of allowing us to see vistas and panoramic views that with my own naked eyes I would only see a tiny fraction of the mountain or the loch.    The modern film camera enables me to see in a wide expansive way the valleys and hills which would otherwise be a smudge in the distance.  The reverse of the microscope which enables us to see tiny, microscopic bacteria which the naked eye would be quite unable to see.  Of course the camera and the camera man is sometimes in an aeroplane flying above the rivers and forests and showing me and you a 3D map of the lie of the land.

   Even on film Loch Ness looked enormous, a great expanse of fresh water full of salmon swimming back to their breeding ground : the magnificent sight of ospreys catching and swallowing a very large salmon, a red squirrel leaping from tree to tree and dolphins leaping out of the water.  These camera men are creative artists just as the Venerable  Bede  was in the eighth century drawing beautiful pictures and copying by hand Bible stories which would be read to men and women most of whom could neither read nor write.



  1. Oh, dear silverliz, this is so beautifully written with the ospreys and dolphins playing and catching the salmon. I was always fascinated with the Venerable Bede as a young student, such a wonderful mind.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment. Bede began his training as a young boy at St. Peter’s Monastery in Sunderland, the town that I was born in. Part of the town is now called Monkwearmouth, the monastery itself is long gone.

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