Today I found a blog site, well to be more accurate I re-found a site which I first discovered in July this year.  The title was the thing that attracted me as it bears the name which has been mine for fifty years, of course my surname is very common, especially in the area in which I live, the north-east of England.  It shocked me to discover another woman lives in this same north-east with my name, not exactly but the initial and the surname are mine, V  Watson, her name is Victoria whereas mine is Vera.  She is a writer and an editor and a young woman.  Frankly  I am furious, how can this be?  I’m a unique, singular person.  To add insult  to injury  she is a published writer and I sit here conjuring up words with readers in single figures.  Life is so unfair!!!

Admittedly I’m not very structured and thorough in my way of working, as my namesake may say, “Elementary my  dear Watson”.



  1. First, you must try and make friends with her! Now and forever, remember how special you are and how you have survived so many years with the good and the not so good times. Many of us think the world of you and many of us shall probably fall along the road and you may still be here ten or twenty years from now. Could be that you have a special time when you will be very much needed. I have a feeling there is much to be done very soon, most of it to be written down for the future.

    1. Dear jollyweez, thank you so much for your very kind and complimentary remarks. I am a very lucky person with many good things in my life. I do feel a sense of urgency to make a record of my life. I’m puzzling about film and pictures which seem to have overtaken words as a medium of expression. I hope very much that our friendship will continue into the unknowable future.

      1. Life is treating me pretty well, bones are a little stiff. My personal circumstances are good, its the country that is going to pot. I read recently that New Zealand was one of the first countries to give women the vote, well done you. My mind is working (she said) apart from forgetting a few names. I hope everything is going well with you.

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