I’M sitting comfortably, I have a glass beside me, glasses on nose I’m ready.  I check the clock and switch on the television, one minute to the start of my highlight of the week, yes I’m a Strictly fan.  The programme begins with the glitter ball spinning and the music begins.  All human life is there; lights creating pictures, beautiful movements, athletic young men, , beautiful women  twirling feathers, sequins (briefer than the last series), feet moving with incredible speed, gorgeous colours, lights, make-up, music, what’s not to like?  A varied cast of characters , the villein (Craig), the kind thoughtful fairy godmother (Darcy),  the serious expert (Len) and the exuberant funny comic ( Bruno).  Far be it from me to mention a script in a live programme, shall we say a pantomime with breath-taking elegant movement in place of jokes.  I love it.

    I have my favourites, there is a certain charisma about some professionals and a boyish charm about others.  I’m sure you will have your own favourite.


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