I’ll begin the way all the best stories begin.  Once upon a time the city I live in was small and compact which was a very fortunate thing because it is built on a number of hills with a river winding its way through the centre of the town.  In the days not so long ago when most people walked and  the  lucky few had a horse and cart, there were plenty of green spaces and lots of trees on the slopes of the hills.  It was and still is the administrative centre of the county and in the nineteenth century established its own university close by the Cathedral which has been there for a thousand years.  So you will see the history of this spot today places a very important role in the twenty-first century life of the place and its people.

    The geography is another important factor the river forms an oxbow loop and the cathedral and castle were built on the hill protected by the river, a superb defensive position.  Other important buildings were built in a square on this protected hilltop, the approach by land is narrow and steep.  In the Middle Ages this worked perfectly, in the twenty-first century with a huge population increase the daily business of life becomes very inconvenient.  The roads leading  to the city are now packed with cars and buses, at this present time road works are causing delays and inconvenience.  It seems to me the shorter the distance people have to travel, the more a car is seen as absolutely essential and parking close to the shop or office, school or factory is a must have.

I suppose  what I’m grumbling about is we can’t seem to value what we have until someone threatens to destroy it.  Action not words.


4 thoughts on “DIVERSIONS.

  1. Yeovil in Somerset was on the way to that awful crunch of cars that were left there all day while the owners worked nearby. Sudden wake-up from one or more peoples with a wonderful idea. They put flowers above each store along the widest road that lead to the top, and with more stores at the top of that. There were places to sit and going down was easier than going up! Lovely place to shop with plenty of places to eat… and not a car in sight! Wish I could find a picture of it to show you!

    1. That’s a very good question, our lives seem so speeded up, we must dash here and there with not a moment to enjoy where we are. I suppose dashing about stops us thinking. Yes, going down is always easier than going up. Places to sit down and eat that sounds very appealing.

    1. I think so too. Medieval cities were not built for the amount of traffic desperately trying to squeeze onto narrow roads. Our planning authority are planning to build 5,000 house on the Green Belt.I can only think someone has gone mad.

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