Yesterday I went out to the shops, not exactly an adventure, more of a routine everyday shopping trip.  For me it was in fact special, I had my amazing new walking frame with me, I think its called a rollator; it has four wheels, two handles and a seat in the middle.  My dodgy knee and my bionic hip need a little help with this walking business.  I walked to the bus stop and hubs folded up the frame and in no time I had a seat on the bus.  You will be amazed to learn that a caring government actually pays the fares.  I think the Chancellor plans to bring in another austerity measure to put a check on extravagant pensioners.

      At the shopping centre I alighted, there are extensive building works going on so the easiest thing was to go to Sainsbury’s and have a stroll round.  I was perfectly in control of my body and my machine.  Its some little while since I’ve been able to pick up my own tomatoes and bread, today I could.  Some bananas, some salad, a small packet of chocolate biscuits and it was time to go to the check out.  I avoided those self check-out stands, I’m paying my money I want a shop assistant to serve me.  Just time to make our way to the bus-stop.  Perfect.  The talking I can do all by myself, hearing is another matter.  So my first outing with the machine went off splendidly.  I had a little nap when I got home, I read in an important paper, half an hour refreshes every part. I’m in total agreement.


4 thoughts on “AN AUTUMN DAY.

  1. What a lovely day you had, especially with your brand new ‘walker.’ I would love to have been with you and sometime later in the week we could go into the great Cathedral to look up and around and perhaps the one who plays the great Organ would be there, practicing with vigor!

    1. Yes, I did have a lovely day. It would be wonderful if one day we could sit together and hear that great organ. The Cathedral just takes your breathe away, a World Heritage Site, 900 hundred years!

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