My favourite programme of the week, brightens up my Saturday and Sunday nights, Strictly Come Dancing.  In these short, cold, dark days, it is a dazzling concoction of; lights, a kaleidoscope of ice-cream colours, movement and music.  Don’t tell anyone but I find some of the music the most disappointing aspect of the whole show.  I can’t detect a melody, a clear rhythm or indeed much that is pleasurable and familiar about the music played for the professionals and their celebrates to dance to.  The unkind may say my tastes were fixed at a much earlier period and I have no appreciation of modern music.  I confess I find much twenty-first century music a chaotic noise lacking all charm and musicality.  The music  of the 1950s and 60s.

Its a delight darling.  I like the comments from the judges, the remarks on the dancing by Len, the extravagant gestures of Bruno, the harsh judgements of Craig and the kind comments  of Darcy, who has fully embraced the celebrity status, and dazzles and glitters as if in a fairy-tale.  The show has all the ingredients you could possibly want: the vitality and speed of the professional dancers, not to mention the good looks of the male dancers, the swish and swirl of the dresses, the elegance, the drama and even the wicked step-mother.  (the thought passes through my mind, it could be the twenty-first century type of pantomime).

If     you want to recall it   https://youtu.be/TbLFzDrikMU.


4 thoughts on “FABUULOUS.

    1. In my imagination I can see myself twirling round the floor in the arms of a handsome young man.(Forget I said that). I think an American has made a programme about the Beatles on PBS must see that. If ten things were different about me I would be a good dancer!!! Thank goodness for imagination.!!!

  1. Ah yes! I used to love to dance also. I did learn some steps during a six week teaching at a nearby Community Centre. It was very helpful and I could not believe how fast we could go without falling on those slippery floors. It was a wonderful feeling and I felt at ease after a few sessions, it was as if we were flying alone, not even touching the floor!

  2. To move around with elegance and grace how wonderful as you say like flying. Maybe I’ll try to find a dance class where they start with baby steps. How wonderful to have your hair and make-up and dress fitted, sounds heavenly.

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