THIS DAY IS APTLY NAMED.  I feel as if I had been 12 rounds in the boxing ring with the world champion.  I am exceedingly groggy but still standing, just.  The match isn’t over, it will go on for some time yet.  Best not to count the days, hope each one will be a little less gruelling.  Two weeks ago my husband had an operation on his heart, according to the medical people he is recovering well, on Christmas Eve we brought him home.

   It has to be confessed we are both old people, he had his 76th birthday the day before his operation.  I am the elder by two years. These are the facts of the matter.  The whole business raced away with us, some complaints about being breathless, pains in the neck and shoulders, pop in to see the GP and the world collapses; within days a hospital appointment and what had looked like a minor problem suddenly becomes a major concern.  A transfer from our local hospital to a specialist regional hospital with expertise in heart operations. Further tests and the decision is taken, a heart by-pass operation is necessary.

A cousin of my husband’s take me to visit. I’m a non driver.  Himself is lying on the bed with tubes attached barely aware that I am present.  Events seem to have a momentum of their own, its Christmas Eve, I phone to say I will visit and he says I will come home with you.  An extremely kind and helpful cousin takes me through, yes he has been discharged officially he can come home.  We travelled home in the gathering dark, the same relative as a Good Samaritan.

Now to get to grips with looking after someone who can do very little in looking after himself.  Who knew that washing and dressing could be so complicated and take so long?   Me I’m the squeamish type,  I feel faint at the sight of blood.  But needs must, be calm in the face of angry read scars make a joke about the problem of getting socks on swollen feet.  Feel a huge sense of satisfaction my man is washed and dressed, collapse in a chair, feel like going back to bed.


7 thoughts on “BOXING DAY 2016.

  1. I’m so glad hubs is home, told you all would be well! I tip my hat to you gal, being squeamish myself an all, but what a marvelous thing to have your man sorted! Result!!! Go girl!
    Here’s to everything getting easier, and to hubs get better by the day, a new moon is rising which is auspicious. Know I am thinking of you and hubs, make sure you are getting help too!!! Keep me posted via email. Hugs and love to you,
    Your friend.xxxxxxxxx

    1. Dina, thank you so much for your letter. Your kind words cheer me up more than you can know. I’m pinning my hopes on that new moon and the skill of the doctors and nurses. Tomorrow we have a visit from two nurses, ( gosh the tidying up). I shall be asking for some help.
      Your grateful friend Vera xxxxxxx

      1. So glad you will be asking for help, hubs dad has been in hospital and here the nurses assess care required at home before releasing a patient. Make sure you get a good care package! Don’t worry about tidying up….there is no need for that, you just rest and look after you, too.Love and hugs, your friend, always. xxxxxxxxx

  2. Dearest Silverliz: No wonder I was wondering where you were for it was so quiet from your end of the street. I thought perhaps the two young ladies were visiting your both too much. No, it wasn’t that. Perhaps you both decided to go to a seaside hotel for Christmas. I do wish that was what happened. Alas, a nasty surprise and your heart rolled over, or felt like it. We have all had that sudden scare in our life. You must ask for as much help as you can find. With Christmas et al is over you should expect kind lad visit. She should have papers for you to sign and she will tell you which days your Nurses will come to help you with your needs for him. Now you need to have your son nearby for he can go to the supermarket and buy food and such for you so that you can stay home. You won’t want to leave your husband for a moment, nor will you feel very hungry. You will keep on thinking that all this is a dream. I will keep writing to you but not call on phone for that may be the time when you are helping him move around a little.
    Oh, dearest friend, I am SO sorry dear Silverliz. What a nasty surprise for Christmas. I think you and I have the same year – mine was 1942. You are part of me for we had a long, long time each day back then. Everything was slow, and those around us were quiet and there was very little music or any full sleep during the nights. We were children growing up with War – War gone but would always stay with us somewhere deep in us. That is why you will be a wonderful wife during this time. I will write again tomorrow. With love to my very best friend. You are in my heart. XX

    1. Dearest Charlotte thank you so much for your kind thoughts. My dear girl I am like your older sister, my birth year is 1938. 1942 was the year my dear Dad was called up, he was trained in England and the sent to Germany. We were very lucky he came back to us, not as fit as he had been. He was a kind, loving father. Money was always short, mother made it cover all the things we needed. I’ll tell you the story of how we were bombed out in 1943 another time. Yes pleasures were simple, I can say I enjoyed school and loved learning to read. Your words mean so much Charlotte.
      Much love. xx

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