My first report for this year: Two young nurses arrived while I was in the bathroom (isn’t that always the way).  They arrived to check on hubs, is he being cared for properly.  He was sitting up, washed and dressed in a casual fashion.  Bloods were taken , scars examined, they are truly hideous.  Many questions asked and answered, all the boxes ticked. Problems?  Feet, the blood seems to struggle to get to the toes.  Advice to me rub some cream on , not on the scar tissue but on the whole skin.  Hubs keen to ensure his diet is healthy, no cakes, no biscuits, no fat, cut down on sugar.  This last not so easy sugar is apparently added to everything even breakfast cereal.  Must read the small print on the packet, where did I put that magnifying glass?

Two alert and pleasant young women, a very reassuring presence  for me in my role as chief nurse, indeed only nurse.  Who knew that dressing an adult would involve such a detailed and orderly set of instructions?  The patient is talking more, able to move more easily.  We have discussed what could so easily been the alternative.  The  shock is beginning to subside.


Hubs is moving more easily and generally making progress.  I’m thinking of pinning a badge on my blouse, MATRON, I do want everyone to know, ‘I’m in charge’.  So many details to remember.  Is it time for the before breakfast pill?  Has he had the remainder of the pills?  Another nurse came this morning, very pleasant, very professional, told the patient how well he is doing.  Promised to inform the GP of the new tablets which need to be put in the tablet box and to have the box delivered to the house.  Altogether helpful and reassuring.


10 thoughts on “TIMES FOR 2017.

  1. I must admit that one always feels somewhat inadequate should one’s home be entered by a nurse, let alone two of them! I do hope their office had let you know they would be there at that time. The same happened to me with my late husband who refused to stay in bed. As soon as they left he was up and into the large room to watch the television. Thankfully he had hung-up his car keys knowing that was not allowed for awhile. You probably feel somewhat lonely and miss the things that were always done together each day and evening. One good thing is that your husband seems to be getting better thanks to the ladies and yourself and his very own wish. I hope very much that you can both take that walk again to the bus-stop in February – although it will be horribly cold. Perhaps a nice warm taxi would be better for the first times and the walking could be inside the warm food shops. However, that is a while away as yet. You are both in our thoughts and I do hope all shall go well with each new day. Special love from us both and we are so glad you have pleasant nurses which really does help you both feel that you are more safe now and could summon help at any time of the day or the night. I hope you have had a nice evening and now for a good night’s sleep ready for what tomorrow shall bring. May each day get better for you both. XX

    1. Dear Charlotte, thank you so much for your very thoughtful letter. Yes I did know they were coming, I felt somewhat relieved that they were still interested in his recovery. He is getting better each day, although he complains that the tea tastes different, not the way it should. Things happened so quickly that we were both in a state of shock. Thank you so much for your good wishes, I’m sure the worst is now behind us.
      your words mean more than I can say.
      Vera xx.

    1. Thank you so much for your good wishes. I can see some improvement every day. It just seemed to come out of the blue. The hospital staff were very efficient in the James Cook Hospital, heart operations are a speciality.
      Hope you and yours are in good health.

  2. This post is music to my ears! You are Matron and hubs is improving…..phew! You go girl, you are doing an amazing job and each day, hopefully, the improvements will continue. Know that I am thinking of you and always on email if you ever get chance for a chat. Your friend….sending love. P.s, please take a little time to look after you. You are very precious.xxx

    1. Your words are like music. We didn’t know that something big was rushing towards us, fortunately the hospital was excellent, hubs did want to leave absolutely as soon as possible. This is our second chance up to us to make the most of it.
      Friendship is such a precious thing I count myself very lucky to have yours.xxx

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