In the early hours of this morning, my brain was in overdrive.  Lacking the appropriate off  switch I started to twitter on  (verbally) and hubs was forced to act as if he were listening.  I was rambling on about the wonders of the internet hubs immediately reacted to my use of the word magic.  Not magic, that is for fairy stories, the internet works on established scientific principles, according to the laws of physics and mathematics.  Don’t ask me to explain further its beyond me.

   Later when we were up and dressed, no simple matter these days!  Conversation turned to the television, for some weeks past  the words, ‘there is no connection’ have appeared at regular intervals on the screen.    All recordings and iPlayer programmes have been mysteriously vanished.  After scrabbling around on shelves and in drawers booklets which explain how absolutely simple it is to have the programme of your choice appeared.  I had (yes it was me), had the bright idea of putting new batteries in the remote control.  We stared earnestly at the connections, the telephone link up, the plugs in the wall and wondered what on earth we could possibly do.  Hubs gently pushed one plug gently into the socket.  Suddenly the screen flashed, fingers crossed we pressed the programme listings.  It was there on the screen!   Can we get our recorded programmes, yes!  The extensive list appeared at the press of a button.  Who is non-scientific now?

   Secretly inside my head I thought that’s magic.


8 thoughts on “WHO NEEDS A REPAIR MAN?

    1. Yes indeed! I am a very lucky person. Many moons ago I thought everything was down to rational planning and using common sense, now I understand 99% of my good fortune is a matter of time and place and the politicians we have. Have a happy day. I’ve decided to read up on the history of New Zealand.

  1. I must agree – being a female unable to figure out which will work and which won’t, that we ladies are left far behind from the days when we were mistress to the nice little square TV and wooden radio, filled with wonders all day long! Again, we ladies are now back to where we started…! ?
    Men seem to have won this time.

    1. Yes, things seem to be much simpler years ago. The decision was usually limited to ‘on’ or ‘off’. Now there is a lot of trivia and total rubbish on. I have to say it is amazing the friends one can reach out to and the extraordinary people I can invite into my little home.

  2. Ha! I’m laughing here! Our dogs are forever going behind the TV and pulling wires out of all sorts of appliances, so the first thing I do is check for loose plugs and wires. Having said that, the battery idea is a fantastic one, my hubs was doing tech, I replaced batteries and hey ho…appliances came back to life!xxx

  3. You say the sweetest things! Wires are increasing exponentially, in every corner there is a forest of black, twisting lines. I really don’t want to do without any of them, I think you can buy a big fat wire which you can thread them all into. The place would be all neat and tidy, possibly I would feel I was in someone else’s home. Batteries are magic.

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