The odd thing is time does not pass in a uniform way.  Even in the face of those hours measured out in sixty minutes on every clock face.  In the morning when I ride downstairs to my breakfast, the hour hand on the clock is racing away.  Breakfast, washing and dressing, sorting out the most pressing matters of the day and suddenly its noon.  The morning is over and so little progress made.  Early afternoon is slower, a quiet, even nap time.  New energy, time to be creative.  The computer  is an amazing machine but it is oh so easy to be side-tracked; do you want to know a secret about this famous face?  My finger presses the button and I find an advert, fooled again.  How many times am I going to fall for this old trick?  Not a moment to waste, time to gird the loins and plunge in.

   What has happened in this crazy world?  No I’m not going to mention Trump, its absolutely too horrible for words.  A disciplined mind, OMG if only I had one.  It has occurred to me recently that a hundred years is the lifetime of one person.    Our  Queen herself is ninety.  I am astonished that she walks and talks and stands so straight.  Myself I cannot claim to have lived a hundred years but my mother was born a hundred and one years ago and my father a hundred and three years ago.  I lost them both more years ago than I care to remember.  They did not talk to me about the past, they were much too busy sorting out the difficulties and problems of each day as it passed.  I knew both sets of grandparents and the houses they lived in, they owned no property and had no savings in the bank.  Like many other people I have done some family research and have not found a single ancestor who was rich or who was famous in their own time or indeed who managed to squeeze into a single history book. The  truth must be faced, I come from a long of the anonymous masses.  No famous person has any connection to me at all,  ‘Who do You Think You Are?’  would consider my story much too common place to have any interest for anyone.  There are days when I feel that way myself .  Tomorrow more meanderings.


2 thoughts on “THE RELATIVITY OF TIME.

    1. Your aunt sounds an amazing woman. In my lifetime the big picture changed and gave me opportunities my parents didn’t have. Alas it seems we have very short memories.
      I hope you and yours are enjoying good health and peaceful times.

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