I’m angry, just as I get myself together the world falls apart. I will not mention a certain American, in this country we have an entirely British stupidity. The entirely erroneous idea that the Welfare State costs us money is accepted by our politicians and those multi-millionaires who stand behind them.  The truth is  the W. S. preserves our peace and security, it supports a fairer, more equitable society: we have less need for prisons which are extremely expensive places ; we have a more peaceful and secure society where the anxiety of just managing on a day to day basis has no place. Everyone feels that they have a place in society and they will not be left to sleep on the streets or die of hunger.

Alas this is not the society we have today, the reluctance that politicians have to increase taxation, their multi-millionaire friends would rather bury their millions in a hole in the ground in Switzerland or on an island in the middle of the Atlantic  ocean with the mistaken believe that this keeps them save.  Do they ponder for a moment the temptations put in front of  their children and grandchildren, by the unscrupulous and the greedy. Do they consider that all doctors, nurses, radiographers and the vast range of medical specialists whose training is paid for by the taxpayer; the hospitals, the buildings and equipment maintained for the most part by taxpayers working in shops and offices, schools, colleges, repairing the roads, driving the buses and many other routine ordinary jobs.

Most of us grumble a bit  about paying our taxes every week, but we pay them.  We know they pay for the roads we drive on, the schools our children go to, the hospitals which we hope will be there when we need them and our pensions. We none of us know what the future holds: unemployment, sickness, marriage breakdown, old age and loneliness. But  we hope that as members of society there will be collective support there should we ever need it.  Some countries are much better at understanding these facts, countries like Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands and France and Germany. These countries remember what happened in the 1930s and 1940s. In Britain it seems we have wiped clean our memories and in the USA their media tells them a Fairy Story and looks for an east target to blame as is happening at the present time.




3 thoughts on “‘TO HELL IN A HANDCART.’

  1. There has been an awful amount of changes during these past six months in America. Hundreds of ‘unknowns’ have managed to slide in recently but we, the people, have not been keeping a lookout for what has suddenly happened. Two or three houses on this road now has people we have never seen before. Such as this road which now has younger people with small children. When we first arrived, this street was only for those who enjoyed Golf – just across this road!
    We are now surrounded with noise from many large houses almost ready, where it used to have trees and silence except for the birds. There are at least another one hundred homes to be put-up around us this new year. All these younger people work and their children go to school. There shall be quite awhile before these new people start asking for ‘help.’ On the other hand, these people are from other countries and came here for peace. So they are helped should they need help because they are the ‘next generation of Americans.’ The elders are often forgotten these days and they must wait a long time to be cared for from the doctors, hospitals and helpers who take them to another place for the day. Suddenly our roads are blocked with hundreds of new cars that are being ridden by others from other countries. What can we do? Not much – except smile when they pass by. Things are changing far too fast over here.

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