Some readers may see a paradox in that title.  Magic is a myth something that takes place only in the mind or the mind is tricked by sleight of hand. Technology on the other hand is factual, part of the real world which proceeds according to scientific rules governed by mechanics, or physics or chemistry or mathematics. To my shame I have a very minimal understanding of these rules. Fortunately for me others have a much better scientific understanding, although a few do not have as much understanding of the complexities of the human machine as they ought to.  Recently it was discovered that my husband’s heart was not functioning as efficiently as it should, in the nick of time he was given an ultra-scan which discovered veins that were barely functioning. It was decided that immediate action needed to be taken. The next day he was transferred to a hospital which specialises in heart treatment. Within hours he was prepared for a heart by-pass operation, a team of people led by the surgeon, including an anaesthetist and a number of specialists I can’t name took care of my husband during a very complex procedure which involved the replacing of three damaged veins by other veins from his legs. Everything went well, his wounds were stitched up, a careful watch was kept until he became conscious. I don’t know the names of any of these wonderful doctors and nurses.  A couple of names I have seen are not English but we are  both very grateful for their skill and knowledge. I know that the NHS relies on many immigrant doctors and nurses they have my heartfelt thanks. A couple of days later he came home and he is checked regularly by experienced heart nurses. To me there is an element of magic in this story, each day is a blessing but science and technology play a big part.


2 thoughts on “MAGICAL TECHNOLOGY.

  1. Oh, how I agree, there is majick in this story. It’s astonishing what can be done now isn’t it? I’m delighted to hear that all is well with you both, here’s to a fantastic spring!!!xxx

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