Today the sun has been shining, the sky blue and everything getting better. After breakfast husband and I went for a walk, I’m not talking about a half marathon, this was more a stroll round the block. You are probably thinking that’s a pretty small thing to make a fuss about, people do it everyday. True enough, once upon a time I would have felt the same way myself.  The years fly by and I wake up one morning with legs which feel incredible stiff, to cut a long story short I’m now a woman with crumbling bones and worse than that I’m actually shrinking.  My skirts are now reaching down to my ankles. The crumbling bone bit is called osteoporosis, I suppose the shrinking is linked to the lack of strong bones. It is quite hard to bear as my height fully grown was only  5 foot 1 inch. To look on the bright side I can still stand up and walk, so a stroll round the block while not gold medal stuff is in my eyes certainly worth a Gold Star.  As yet I do not have a chart to put it on but I might tear down my animal poster and replace it with a chart.

The birds were singing, the daffodils in bloom and the temperature definitely Spring like. Who knew that birds could make such a noise, such small bodies and such a loud noise. Husband bought his newspaper, I waited on the little seat on my four wheeler. Mission accomplished we walked home, a remnant of energy still remaining, I pulled some weeds out of the garden. They have been reproaching me for some time, success! All now safely in the garden waste bin. Definitely a gold star day.


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