Newspapers have a declining readership, not in our modern world very surprising. There was a time about a hundred years ago, when to keep up to date with the events locally and nationally, a newspaper was an essential buy. The twenty-first century is different, the radio is everywhere, the smart phone is in the pocket or more likely in the hand, whether the individual is on the bus, in the street or even in the car, present danger pushed aside. Television is in every room in the house and the internet is available on many different electronic devises, the iPad, the desk-top computer and the smart phone.

   Being of an older generation and somewhat lagging behind the latest developments, newspapers are still a frequent buy and my how many supplements are part of a Sunday newspaper: a whole forest of trees cut down! Of course paper is regarded as a valuable resource , indeed I have a desk, drawers and bookcase full of it, most regarded as too valuable to throw away, no, to recycle. How to pin-point this value exactly is something of a puzzle but I am sure one day the answer will be revealed to me. My other half is the same way about books, some have never been read, others never will be read, still only one or two can be spared for Oxfam. There are bookshelves with a double row of books parked along them, much like a crowded car park which only has the slimmest space for one car to withdraw at a time. I have always associated bookcases with order, books filed neatly, titles on display arranged in subject matter. This was the case some time ago in the distant past.

   I know I am incredibly fortunate to be able to buy a book and even more lucky to be a girl in a country which thinks that girls education is a positive good for the whole of society. So forgive my little moan, I will get all in order.

   The biggest problem with the News is it is so full of doom and disaster. There are so many crazy people around and many of them are politicians. The French election, will common sense prevail or will craziness triumph? Lets not talk about the USA. The UK are we going to be lead to division by some newspapers or is kindness and rational understanding going to appeal to our better selves.


4 thoughts on “THE DAILY NEWS.

  1. I agree re the news being so negative, because it runs 24/7 they seem to dwell forever on tragedies….I just catch up on the internet now. I can’t recall the last time I bought a newspaper. I’m the same as your hubs, I find it difficult to part with books and am overwhelmed by them!xxx

    1. Hi, I’m like you I use the internet now. One paper I enjoy looking at is the New Yorker, their use of language is just wonderful. Its amazing how far you can reach out with the internet. I knew books would play a big part in your life, kindred spirits!

  2. Thought provoking! Hub and I have an agreement that books which won’t get read again go in the cupboard in the hall … and then by painless stages back to the charity shops where they got bought in the first place. I get fed up too, like you, with the way the media dwell on the gloomy side, and get people to argue with each other, so every subject is polarised from the start, and it’s impossible to get a balanced picture. Hub and I read the ‘i’ paper – he has tokens he uses each day which means the yearly bill is somewhat less! I don’t think anything will ever take the place of paper. I’m very wary of having everything stored in a ‘cloud’. What happens when newer technology overtakes the present? And what of losing info on the web? Nah – I’m a paper girl, if it’s important!

  3. That’s a very good agreement, two stages, it might work here. The ‘cloud’ I think I have things stored there, I’m not sure how to retrieve them. Paper and printing that I understand.

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