DANCE +++ !

An afternoon visit to the theatre, watching real live men and women of the Birmingham Royal Ballet company moving with speed, grace, agility and strength, flesh and blood moving in amazing ways.   These young men and women are athletes with the ability to convey mood and feelings with the face, shoulders, arms , hands, legs including a pointed toe or a stamping heel. Most of us spend a great deal of time controlling our emotions; toning down our affection or anger, turning an expressionless face to the people we meet, fitting in. The members of this  company can converse without ever using words. Myself I am fascinated, thrilled and delighted by words but the expressiveness of the human body is a wonderful panoply of moveable parts to delight, have fun, respond or convey, an awesome power. One man dressed as a naval officer ‘ordered’ his men to line up, to march, to stand to attention.  Their female partners went weak at the knees at the sight of this epitome of masculinity and fell at his feet. I had the same feeling myself !

The show was made up of excerpts from ballets which featured a large chorus of equal numbers of men and women. They were full of fun and thrilling leaps and pirouettes. Finally we came to Pineapple Poll, sailors and their girl friends plus the previously mentioned Captain what could be more romantic. Thank you Birmingham Royal Ballet for a delightful afternoon.


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