Thursday 1st June according to the weather forecasters the first day of summer. Blue skies, sunshine, gentle breezes, yes summer has arrived. I ventured out  to taste this beautiful day, husband was with me so all was right with the world.  The bus came at the expected time, we climbed aboard, a free trip! The shopping centre is nearby, more shops every time I go.  Went to my favourite shop, yes M& S, such a delightful display of summer tops, I was tempted. I turned resolutely away and marched to the Food Store.

    More temptation, meals already prepared packed neatly in clear boxes.  Is anything more delicious than a meal you pop into the micro-wave for five minutes? Fruit so ripe and ready, I think there is a psychological trick being played.  What is going to appeal to a busy woman who is busy in the office all day and then goes home to prepare the family’s meal? Women are so busy, just looking forward to the time they can put their feet up and switch on the television. when my dish-washer was working, I simply packed it and pressed the button. Now  I have a man and he does the dishes. Now where did I put the Radio Times?


4 thoughts on “SUMER IS ICUMEN IN.

  1. How marvelous to hear your hubs is out and about, and doing dishes!!! Marvelous stuff. We have had some lovely days but are now getting some much needed

  2. Yes, it was a near thing, the hospital staff were wonderful and he gets very regular check ups. Then the rains came !!! We have a hedge near the house its positively growing like a beanstalk, the birds think its a home from home. They make quite a noise tweeting and singing. xxx

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