FEMALE  beauty is much written about and zillions of photographs are produced and published.  This is fine provided different types  of beauty from all over the world are included. But this is not the beauty which most interests me; no, male beauty has a much bigger impact on me, something stirs within.  More usually a beautiful man is called handsome, which is alright; there is a degree of physical perfection which is beyond handsome, it is beauty. I’ve just watched a programme about the actor Peter O’Tool, there is no other way of putting it, he was beautiful. Is it the proportion of the features, the vitality and humour in the eyes, the shape of the mouth. Honestly I don’t know. Others like Richard Burton, Jimmy Stewart, Marlon Brando and James Mason and recently David Olusoga are more than handsome, they are beautiful.

    Of course the vitality and humour in the face are extremely important, a beautiful statue can be admired, like Michelanglo’s David, but the captivating thing about a living person is the vibrant and transient breathe of life, shown especially in the eyes.

    Age has no effect on the appreciation of Beauty.


6 thoughts on “BEAUTY.

    1. Our age concentrates so much on the visual, TV, films and now selfies. We women, even ancient old women like myself , should be allowed our pleasures in looking.

  1. I never had much thought about the beauty of a man, even though my mother would tell me that a man is far more beautiful than a women. The men probably try not to show themselves too much, for others would call them names. Nothing is safe is it – even a man’s beautiful face?

    1. I think in this case I agree with your mother. Yes most men are somewhat inhibited about enjoying their beauty. Perhaps younger men feel happier, we live in such a visual age.

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