A Summer’s Day.

This Tuesday morning the sun is shining, I have some time to do something for me. Written language has always fascinated me since I learned to read a very long time ago, the fact it reaches out to people I don’t know and will probably never see, in the way that authors I have never met connect with me. Their words go on living long after the physical body dies, a kind of immortality. The digital world  makes the reaching out easier.

    Secondly the world is changing with astonishing speed, some changes are good, I live much more comfortably than my parents did, due principally to political changes which have taken place in my life time; the Welfare State, free secondary education, pensions,and that wonderful achievement of Aneurin Bevan  the National Health Service. The NHS looms larger in my life than it used to. There  was one occasion in my late teens when I had my appendix removed at no cost to my parents and I was able to continue my life freely and happily. Tragically in the twenty-first century the idea has developed that the NHS is too expensive for a wealthy country like Britain to afford this is a question of putting the cart before the horse.  The huge expense of not having a health service free at the point of need would create a very divided society and a very unproductive one. Only that very small percentage, the 1% would be able to afford health care when they needed it.

I’ll come clean , I believe in the Welfare State it isn’t a cost to society it is a benefit.


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