This morning while having breakfast I listened to the radio; first part of a church service from South Africa and secondly, ‘A Point of View’ by Adam Gopnik. Now to be honest I am a fan of Adam Gopnik, or should I rephrase that I am an ardent admirer of his work. I read it in the New Yorker online of course.   Thanks be to the BBC. 

    He began by talking about a painting of a white staircase which is a particular favourite of his, it is titled, A Staircase in Sunlight, by John Singer Sargent. I am not sure whether Gopnik is in England or indeed still at  a Literary Festival in Capri. He apologised for talking about a painting which his listeners cannot see, to my knowledge I have never seen it. I am aware that we live in a visual age, television and the internet bring us the most beautiful pictures of the world as it is and show us Great Art while explaining its most remarkable properties. I have seen pictures of fields, mountains, forests and rivers of England filmed through amazing lenses much sharper than my own eyes. Another aspect of this amazing technology is the range of vivid colours presented to us, and I haven’t even mentioned the iPhone!  Indeed the brilliance of colours is one of glories of the 21st. century, Gopnik dwells on the brilliant whiteness of the staircase and the fact that a staircase is worthy of a picture which indeed focuses on it and nothing else.

    Then he describes Capri, a steeply hilly island


2 thoughts on “ART IN LIFE.

  1. I must look that painting up! It is astonishing what is available these days, at the touch of a button, we can see or learn more about

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