Yesterday I watched the Documentary Of The Week and it really cheered me up. (Its not often that you can say that about a documentary.) It was ‘Old People’s Home for Four-Year-Olds. It was full of charming children relating to old people, most of them in their eighties. This age group is of particular interest to me as with luck on my side I will soon be one of them. The narrator mentioned that many of these senior citizens suffered from varying degrees of depression, also that they spent many hours sitting in a chair,( has someone been spying on me?) The narrator went on to say that the less a body moves, the less it is able to move, of course absolutely true and the second plain statement the less one engages with life, the more depressing and lonely an individual will feel.

    A group of young extremely alert people had the brilliant idea of putting together two groups of people at opposite ends of the age spectrum. The children were then given simple tasks to do and encouraged to find a partner amongst the older age group, very few adults could resist the smiling face and polite request of a small boy or girl. Even the most reluctant adult was after awhile persuaded to join in. There is hope for us yet.

I give it 5  *****.





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