How technology works is a mystery to me, the thing I do understands that radio, television and the internet are like having a huge library at the touch of a button. I read the programme notes and a word or two catches my eye, well maybe more than two words. The words in question are: John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Lyndon Baines Johnson  both Presidents of the United States of America. This is recent history, the 1960s, I was a young adult, so in the wider sense it is the history of my time. I was pretty much involved in the job I had, I was teaching in a junior school and discovering day by day that I had a great deal to learn about teaching and life. I was aware of President Kennedy, the leader of the free world, I watched television  and read the Observer, but honestly the dramas of daily life in the classroom loomed large in my mental energy.

The programme on PBS America explained in some detail how the Civil Rights Acts were passed in 1964 and 1965, it was not a simple process, many senators in the South were very hostile to African Americans being considered  an essential part of the democratic process, L.B.J. was the President who understood that this inclusion would be best for all Americans: for a peaceful, prosperous and civilised USA.

I would like to see an analytical and clearly expressed programme on the BBC which explained the British parliamentary system as clearly as this PBS programme. Democracy always needs a strong, informed defence as we can clearly see with the situation in Venezuela . 



  1. HI Dear Vera…..I loved this….very much my history as well I actually arrived in the States (deep south) in 1966 and so was very aware of segregation, which was still happening in a big way and the civil rights movement. It is a fascinating time in America’s history and our own – given that we were so intertwined with the southern States during the civil war….because of the cotton industry. I love history…I love so much and am reminded every single day that our most precious commodity is Time. Have a beautiful weekend…janet xx

  2. Thank you so much Janet, like you I love history and I’m very much aware of the speed at which time passes. Your wish has come true its a beautiful sunny morning. Have a lovely day. vera xx

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