JUST when I thought there was nothing but Olympic Championships on television, searching through the programme listings I saw on BBC4, the BBC Proms 2017, reading further I spied the word Oklahoma.  My knowledge of music is somewhat limited but this show has been part of my best musical memories for a long time, not quite as far back as 1943 when it was first produced on Broadway, but probably back to the film in 1955, in that year I had a job and the money to go to the cinema ( at the time I would have said the pictures ). The musical was based on the play “Green Grow The Lilacs” by Lynn Riggs, the music by the composer Richard Rodgers and the librettist Oscar Hammerstein II. this is one of those rare occasions when every aspect of the production was superb and woven together; the poetry in the words, the amazingly memorable tunes,  and the vigorous masculinity of the ensemble dancing, sheer perfection.

   In the dark days of 1943 it was exactly what so many people in America and Britain needed. The show was awarded a special Pulitzer prize in 1944, it was a Box Office smash. Of course the main story concerns romantic love between Laurey and Curly, beginning with misunderstandings but all ends happily. They marry when they can admit that they love each other. I confess that I like romantic stories to end ‘happy ever after’, after all it happened to me and I can’t even sing.

The BBC Proms produced a first class show I enjoyed it hugely. Do I have a criticism, no absolutely not. If I pick out anything it would be the dancing, I think it was a little bit tongue in check, the cowboys all dressed in chaps. The women’s ensemble dancing was very dainty and expressive but the men’s ensemble was a whole lot of fun.



  1. I’m ashamed to say I haven’t seen it, but you have inspired me, I must go and fine it on the internet. It’s astonishing how we can just do that isn’t it? Magic!!!xxx

  2. Thank you for your comment. We record a lot of programmes on the Planner, so that we can watch at the most convenient time. It would be boring if we all liked the same things.

  3. How English is English? Language is so adaptable we’ve incorporated many French, some German ,some Italian and many American words like film star. Now most people wear glasses although the more formal expression spectacles is rarely used.

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