Another hot day, temperature in hall 25.3 degrees. Sorted out some jobs, phoned the repair man about my stationary chair. He came out 3.0 clock, the problem was the batteries, apparently they were leaking and firmly stuck together. Batteries replaced, up and down the stairs like a dream. A phone call to the agent, we have decided not to downsize, financially difficult. When everything sorted had a little zzz until tea-time. There’s a lot of eating goes on. Maybe its the climate  or age not sure which to blame.

     Again football and tennis on television, great excitement England is still in the World Cup. Husband is willing to record some matches, I go into my ‘study’ and waste time on the internet. Amazing how time slips by and no progress in any direction. Even found some papers I’ve been looking for several months past. Too much stuff, too many files, severe pruning is necessary. I’ll start tomorrow.

     Pat on the back for me I defrosted the fridge/freezer. I emptied the freezer, food there I don’t remember buying, a packet of mince, frozen chicken, had to find another cool place, (yes another small freezer). Took the plug out, how long had it taken for the ice to mount up on every surface? Kitchen equipment has its own mysteries, unbelievably useful but tricky to maintain. Domesticity I approve of it a hundred percent, I just wish someone else was doing it! Me, a woman who has been married 52 years. There is a saying, variety is the spice of life. I am an extremely lucky woman, a thought occurs, ‘ Adventures for the Mature Woman.’


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