YESTERDAY  I  had a birthday, many thanks to those kind friends who wished me well.  There are some words which can be used to describe me at this time in my life; mature is one of them. I am without a doubt MATURE , WHETHER I am wise and sensible is another matter entirely. I woke up one morning and looked in the mirror, a courageous act in its way, and  three letters  came to mind,   O.L. D.  I am at a loss to understand how this happened!!!  The years have passed amazingly quickly, yet my body tells me with aches and pains and a certain forgetfulness that it is true. I have a number of aids which help me get through the day, (perhaps you have your own list!)  My eyes require prescription aids, (they have done since I was a teenager), my ears also need additional help, (more recent), my walking is very limited even with a walking frame.  Thankfully my mind is still intact and a flow of words quickly comes to mind.

I describe the differences lying between the internal and the external. Externally signs of ageing are very visible, you might say the years are written on the body. Internally my feelings are exactly the same as they were several decades ago, a handsome young man still arouses that same feeling of interest that happened when I was twenty-five. Sadly the interest is limited to me there is not a two way interest. Beautiful landscapes, powerful poetic words and familiar songs still speak to me with the thrilling power that they always did. In other words I am still alive!

was born in 1938, events which boded ill were taking place, a dictator called Hitler wanted to remake Europe in his own peculiar vision of a powerful Germany. Soon millions were to die and millions more to suffer. In the grand scheme of things my family was fortunate, my father returned to us at the end of the war. A few years later we were moved to a new house, after the end of the war in 1945, the government decided to create a fairer, more equal society. This was when I grew up. I was lucky things were getting better.

8 thoughts on “YEARS.

    1. I’m a very fortunate person, there have been sorrows as in most lives. The really big things in life are outside our control.
      My husband and I share many of our interests, an interest in history is an important part of our thinking.

    2. I’ve been reading a little about Captain James Cook who came from Whitby, a small coastal town on the north-east coast of England. I believe he came to a tragic end in New Zealand. If only we could see the human in others and not the superficial differences.
      My ancestor only ventured a few miles north to Sunderland and settled there. The coal trade was growing, the coal was transported to the big cities originally in ships.

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