Where ever I look in society: in education, working life, economic and social life, there is a deeply embedded hierarchy which most of us accept as a part of daily life.   There are the best universities,  Oxford and Cambridge, although in fact there are a hundred other good universities, the best schools, Public Schools of course, which in their very expensive walls take about 7% of the child population and entry into a Public School is almost a guarantee of entry into Oxbridge.  If we look at the present Cabinet we find that this is indeed true.   We are governed by men (mostly) from a small elite extremely wealthy group.   True they were elected, their friends own most of the press and the BBC is terrified that the licence fee will be abolished so is very anxious not to upset the apple cart.   This is a democracy!   Yes indeed men and women have the vote, no problem in going to the local school and putting your cross against the name you choose.   The question is who represents the ordinary working man and woman?    The gulf between the majority of society  and the extraordinarily rich is growing greater every day.   This 1% who have no intention of paying their taxes on the money they have made in the UK and every intention of selling off the NHS, thereby making a huge profit by owning private health care firms.   Many politicians will receive money and jobs in these new privatised sectors, paid for by the tax-payer.   Is this the best we can do in a wealthy, civilised society?Image